About the studio

Yil & Mann is an interdisciplinary design and web development agency at the intersection of art and technology. For a successful partnership, we see our role in guiding our clients through the whole process. From start to finish, we provide both design and development solutions. Together with our clients, we explore the why behind their assignments, acting as strategic partners and problem solvers.

While striving for visually compelling results, we understand design as a tool for authentic communication, strengthening the client’s identity. Our specialties include digital, rhizomatic archives, accessible web design*, and badass graphics. We offer a wide range of services, from creative direction, editorial, and exhibition design to brand identity, web development, UI/UX design as well as developing custom applications geared towards specific client needs.

YNM was founded in 2019 by Denis Yilmaz and Timm Hartmann and is based in Berlin, Germany, and Lisbon, Portugal.

*according to the standards of BITV 2.0/WCAG


YNM’s core team consists of the studio’s two co-founders Timm Hartmann and Denis Yılmaz as well as Yoannis Jamar. Yoannis joined the team in 2022 after several years of freelance collaboration, working closely with Denis on the development side of projects.

Additionally, we immensely enjoy project-based collaborations. We are fortunate to draw on a network of skilled professionals who help us achieve meaningful results true to our and our clients’ vision.

We value connection

Being a core team of our size allows us to maintain direct communication with our clients, keeping the dialogue personal and flexible.

Why interdisciplinary?

We cover both the design and development needs of projects of all sizes in-house. From the start, both aspects are considered in unison and developed simultaneously, ensuring a smooth transfer from one discipline to the other.


We are always excited to meet like-minded individuals who share our vision for innovative technology, interdisciplinary design, social responsibility, and the desire to challenge the status quo. If this is you, feel free to share your portfolio and some information about yourself so we can keep you in mind for future job openings and collaborations that might be a good fit. We look forward to your email.