Rimini Berlin

  • Client: Rimini Berlin
  • Year: 2024
  • Our Roles: Concept, Identity, Design, and Code

We developed and designed a wide range of layout options for the individual presentation of projects and a filterable, rhizomatic archive.

Studio Rimini Berlin has been working in the fields of graphic design, film, digital and exhibition design since 2007. For the relaunch of their online presence, we developed a distinct, dynamic website with an archive that optimally showcases all of the agency's projects – whether publications, films or digital applications. A reduced layout, space for full-format images and details that invite discovery create a varied and exciting overall picture.

We use Rene Bieder's Neue Freigeist font. The news section with a direct interface to Instagram allows the embedding of feed content and thus a glimpse or two behind the scenes of the successful design studio.

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  • Tools: Craft CMS and QwikJS
  • Technologies: GraphQL and Server-side Rendering