Berlin Art Prize 2022

  • Client: Berlin Art Prize e.V.
  • Year: 2022
  • Our Role: Code
  • Services: Frontend Development and Backend Development

In the 2022 Berlin Art Prize, Büro Bum Bum collaborated again with the BAP team and Gallery Print, crafting the concept and visual language for this year's event. Our main responsibility was to devise the online representation of the exhibition.

A crucial goal was to equip content editors with the ability to repurpose the entered event details and artist information for later display on the Berlin Art Prize Archive website. To achieve this, we utilized the same backend for both the 2022 edition and the archive. However, we employed Craft CMS's Multi-Site feature to selectively present only the 2022 edition's content on its dedicated site, while maintaining the whole archive material on the archive site.

This distinctive setup allowed us to enhance the user experience and ensure the longevity of the curated content, effectively providing a framework where the invaluable material from the 2022 Berlin Art Prize would seamlessly transition into the archive for future reference and exploration.

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  • Services: Frontend Development and Backend Development
  • Medium: Website
  • Tools: Craft CMS and SvelteKit
  • Technology: GraphQL
  • With: Büro Bum Bum